Useful link where to find documents, wich help to improve HACCP system   (31.08.2012)

Find it on European Food Safety Authority page: here

Which documents needed when opening a food handling place in Estonia (25.06.2012)
You  want to open a restaurant/ café/ grocery/ bar or other foodhandling place in Estonia? How to do it? What to consider? Where do You have to turn? What kind of documentations are needed? And most of all- what does it all cost? Find the anwers below or call +3726700184 or email info@greenclean.ee:

1.Tunnustamine. First You have to fill in an application with the information of planned place. Unfortunately there is no applicaton form in English, but You can successfully fill in the form by usin translation programs in internet. For example, the link of applicaton of restaurant/ café/ bar is here,

2. Prepare documentations that are needed to include with the application (step 1.). Again, the same story with the English translation, but feel free to use translation programs.

3. Turn to Vetenary and Food Board with the filled application (step 1.) and documentation (step 2.).

4. Prepare HACCP documents. Fortunately the HACCP-plan is quite similar to documentation that was mentioned in step 2. You can find the instructions of HACCP-plan here.

5. Now the Vetenary and Food Board agency is going to visit Your place and supervise it for the first time. Most of all they are interested to see, if procedures are hygienic, if the written procedures in documentations (both mentioned in steps 2. and 4.) and the in reality are the same. Then they evaluate if the food is safe from “barn to table” and give You first control-act (Kontrollakt).

6.If everything went well in step 5. then within 3- 7 days You will receive a decision called “Tunnustamine.” Congratulations! Now start working accordingly to Your Haccp-plan, because this isn´t the last vist by governmental supervisors 🙂 . It is allowed to change the written in Haccp-plan. GC.


Welcome to the food-handlers world!

Picture: pittsburghhotplate.com