About us

What is Greenclean

Greenclean is an organization with its own school- Greenclean Training. The school helps to plan food handling organization in Estonia or to plan investing money and time into cleaning and/or hygiene needing departments of knowledge.

Food handling documentation: Greenclean has done Haccp-plans also to Finland (market, handling mainly cheese), to Russia F. (fishmarket) and to UK (seafood ship), but is best with Estonian documentation.

Cleaning, hygiene and ISO: Greenclean has helped a company to successfully apply for ISO certificate. But mainly the company helps to improve cleaning results in hotels, spas and wellness centres. We have successfully created to cleaning-plans to hospitals.


Who are clients of Greenclean

Greenclean Training is being ordered by any sector interested. The results of trainings reflect greatly in enterprises with big personal. The results of plans (both cleaning and HACCP) reflect in any enterprise where co-operation with us is provided.